Honour Roll

Pride in a Job Well Done

To maintain the level of excellence on which it has built its reputation, Savik Super-Chrome
relies on the participation of a highly qualified workforce that is totally dedicated to the success of the company.

Today, the employees of Savik Super-Chrome are part-owner of the company. They are fully committed to serving the needs of their customers.

Honour Roll

Our success depends on the excellence and dedication of individuals who have left their mark on the company. Savik Super-Chrome recognizes these individuals and wishes to pay tribute to them.

Following is a list of the members of our organization who served Savik Super-Chrome for a period of at least 25 years.

These individuals deserve our gratitude.

  • Claudette Veillette

    With us since 1998

  • Daniel Ouellet

    With us since 1983

  • David Soucy

    With us since 1985

  • Denis Leblond

    With us since 1969

  • Gaétan Désilets

    With us since 1981

  • Jacques Beauchesne

    With us since 1986

  • Jocelin Leblanc

    With us since 1989

  • Michel Lamontagne

    With us since 1989

  • Michel Lauzon

    With us since 1985

  • Pierre Belluhumeur

    With us since 1990

  • Pierre Desaulniers

    With us since 1988

  • Raymond Leblond – 1968 to 1993 (founder)

  • Stéphane Lemire

    With us since 1988

  • Sylvain Landry

    With us since 1988

  • Yves Bellemare

    With us since 1988

  • Yves Hould

    With us since 1987